One of the up-to-date equipment in the new generation operating room is the use of an integrated central controller instead of a variety of thermostats, different operating room control keys that make the number of exposure points minimized, and infection control.

Technical Highlights

  • Touch Screens or Keypads
  • Two Ports 485RS, 232 RS
  • The Ability to Become an Slave
  • The Ability to Create Simulations
  • Includes USB port for Exchange of Information and Images
  • Can Save Information
  • Can Connect to All sorts of PLC
  • Ability to Connect to Inverters, Hoods, Sialic Lights, Air
  • Conditioners, Lightaing, Operating Room Cameras, etc
  • Ability to Show Information in Both Texts and Graphs
  • Ability to Show Animation
  • Includes RTC
  • Display and Record Various Alarms at System Error Times
  • Displays the Type and Location of the Crash and the Timing
  • of the Error in each Component of the System
  • Changing and Correcting the Setpoint during an Operation